At the end of 2014, i was too busy for regretting several things i could not reach by the end of –i thought it would be an amazing– year –i ever had. But yap, once again.. I was too busy for having regret instead of grateful for everything that happened in those year. Kind of ambitious yet become a boomerang. So, i realized there is a lot of things that we can learn from the things that we could not achieve yet..

well then, I’m gonna having a flashback to 2014. What was just happened to me during those year from the beginning, and it all would be written here 😀

Dunia Fantasi – Jakarta, Indonesia. With RM. 


So, for all of you may have a thought that going to this place is such an ordinary things to be written on recap of the year. But hanging outside the town together with your friends is a different story. Having stuck in jam for more than six hours–when normally it only took 3-4 hours. You may call me a noob for having no experience on riding an extreme game, because it was my first time for riding every-single-extreme-game, all-of-it!

Google Students Ambassador – Cebu, Philippines. 

The first platform that help me to practice my Public Speaking Experience. The first time experience as a speaker to explain the people you have never met before when you got back to your home country. Knowing more than 40 students ambassador from Indonesia, and having a lot of picture with us :p

International Biology Olympiad 2014 – Bali, Indonesia.

I want to say that became an IBO Volunteer is my greatest experience i ever had in 2014! Having a job for organizing money in several currencies. Responsible for the amount of more than IDR 500 million literally in my own hand. Physically exist–I think it was a big responsibility!. Arguing with one of mother’s participant about her room. Creating my own cash statement because no one of the committee is an account expert, and the documents was un-organize pretty well– It takes me from night till dawn :”). Receive a lot of souvenir from another country and i don’t have an idea that i would receive a big amount of fee for a–What they published– Volunteer Position. But, besides all of that i do really grateful for having involved in this event. Chosen as a Jury guide made me move to a better hotel that have its own private beach than the guide next door :p took me to heaven on breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the amazing people that i have a chance to met them in person– The Slumber Party Group they called it.

High School Reunion.

It’s been two years since graduation. The best part is I could wear my uniform and met the high school mates in uniform. People change, time goes fast, but.. High School memories.. Some of them are unpleasant to remember, and some of them just make you want to back in time..

Mom-Daughter ‘they said’ Q-Time. – KL. JB – MY. SG 

Guess what, this is my first time of having a date with my own mom. The unyu-unyu mom-daughter would called it as a Q-Time. But, Me just Being myself and the unyu-unyuness just being… Meh.. hahahaha. No, Seriously.. I can’t even imagine my self to show my mom the affection that it should to be.. But a daughter will always need her mom, and a Mother will always love her daughter.


The first-Brave-Step I’ve ever made in the history of my life. I’m gonna post about this Soon in different Post! :p

IKEA is opening their store in Indonesia! – Tangerang, Indonesia.

Since i am an interesting-cute-awesome things enthusiast, I was too excited that IKEA has been open their store and then take a look on their.. um.. showroom? er.. store?er.. The Big-Blue with Yellow words-Building  that you could see from the toll road. The Stuff just made me want to move it all to my own home. i always dream for having a cute-small house with a five-star hotel experience and interior! Dream. Works. Dream. Works. Dream. Works.

Accounting Goes To Company – Jakarta, Indonesia.

If i should remember the best part of the company visit is Lexus! An L’Occitane as their toilet fragrance is the first line that come in my mind.. The Luxurious car they create, The Price they told–uhuk, and an amazing expensive-experience that inspires me for dreaming kind of those company in the future..  ah.. :”)

Train-Trip! – Solo, Indonesia.

So, this was an ending of what-was-happened with me during 2014. Yaynes for exploring a new places for me. One of city in Indonesia. Get to know the Sultanate Culture. History from a little part of Indonesia. and the happiness that i could visit more cities in my own country!

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