i’m never brave enough to share about it.. but, here it is! let’s talking about leadership.

The important thing being a leader is when creating others to be a leader. On my opinion a leader is a person who can inspires the others, before we can inspire the others we need to have the skill to lead our own self by having the purpose on life and found the way to achieve it. Dream, something that take a huge part on my life, i believe on it and never give up as how i believe it gonna be come true. Believing until we reach the dream as not easy as it says, there will a lot of challenge that will broke your faith even make you down, but here is the challenge how can we survive and passed that phase so we could get back to the main purpose. However, when we set up our dreams we need to know what the risk and know how to face it because there will always a big effort on every big dreams. Take every moment as a lesson also help you learn either mistake or a right path you have choose so you would know how to improve your way to achieve your dream, and finally you are one step away from your dream. Be grateful, but never satisfied because the is a lot of chances wait us after the achieved dream, be the person who always curios and want to learn new things. Besides dream, we need to found something that can improve our self, here it is why we need challenge. Once again let me tell about take every lesson on every moment, whenever you are in a rush somehow yourself looking a way by finding the right solution then you will ended up to the things called time management, having nervous to be on a new circumtances will take you to adpating phase then increase your network, we just need to take the challenge and make it as a lesson. Those the things that we need from our selves to either inspiring or helping others, either to create a new leader or help them to improving their selves.

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