Interested on volunteering world, i divided them into two kind of volunteering. first is Social Volunteer, the second one is activity volunteer. In my perception, social volunteer mostly the place where we involved in social activity such as helping other, or involved in NGO just because we want it, doesn’t seek for other things except happiness from helping other. the second one is activity volunteering, which is actually i’ve been on these circumtances and i haven’t realize it at all.

Well, Let me talking abaout Social Volunteering. Where volunteering is something can help you to know world better, i mean from volunteering you’d know how better your life is. From volunteering we could help people and feel the happiness from helping others. For me, volunteering is one of the others way to spend happiness with other people who need it. Why we have help others? Like we’ve known before, there is a lot of people whose live isn’t lucky as we are. They’re in hunger when we had much food on our tummy. When they dreaming about school when some people treat school as dumb. When we had sleep tightly on our comfort bed, meanwhile they’re freezing on the ground. Volunteering is the best choice for them who love social-issue and awareness.

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