I currently interested on human rights and social economic issue. Why i’ve interested on these topics? Well, it’s have interconnection between the economic and human rights. Like we’ve known before, there is many human rights issue on developing country. Why developing country? It has strong relativity with poverty. Which we know that a lot of highest rate of poverty were on develop country. So, whats the matter between economic and human rights? There are many people got social abusive, getting trade, and any violence based on their economic condition. Actually, it also has related to their level of education. Let me explain, a lot of kids or older doesn’t get good education, they don’t even take the school because of their economic condition. So, here it is.. Why a lot of people on unwell economic condition are common to get violence and any abusive.. They don’t get a good education, they don’t even know how to face the abusive, they don’t get any information what is/kind of abusive, and don’t know that abusive isn’t proper to be among us/them. Well, actually it’s government should an extra concern to their citizen, with database system of economic level/condition

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